I really like your work here. you basically just built a new piece of furniture. To that end, I've started studying here to learn about speakers, refurbing speakers, building speakers, and set up. My parents gave me this 1971 stereo console when I was in college. That turned out beautifully! Not to say I don’t like it. Just tell them what you want and ask if they’ll do it. Original radio & turn table in tact. I just bough an old Electrichome record console with plans to update as a b-day for my SO… I have never done this before and didn’t know where to start, this post has really helped me, thank you so much!! Maybe some day when they are rarer, the novelty value of them will make those remaining worth restoring in all of their 1970s glory. In looking at your project, did you do anything special to your turntable? I’m glad you like our work. If I had known how they were attached back in ’71, it would have been much easier. That is a very impressive job. In the photo above, you can also see how I used 1×1 lumber to create a small border around the receiver’s faceplate. You made it look easy! I like the way yours turned out. You can see how well the faux doors match our heartpine dining table. You can see that I removed even more of the paneling from the console, leaving only the very outside frame. Get the best deals for vintage console stereo at eBay.com. I had an old zenith cabinet prob from 80s. Buy Vintage Console Stereo on eBay now! =) I mean you could of just brought a new system with the rack or console for it. I think the ingenuity and effort you put into this project was excellent. Thank you! Do yo keep anything like this in stock or might you be able to point me in the right direction? There was an aux hook up in the back. Your costs will vary greatly because you could install a 3D Blu-ray player and mount a 60″ plasma over the unit for a really awesome home entertainment center. The stereo receiver is easy to see, but the black piece above the receiver is called a power conditioner. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1964 Vintage Ad Phabulous Phonola Arvin Stereo Console Phonograph Record Player at the best online prices at eBay! The papers on the left are the original wiring diagrams that were stapled to the inside of the console. Thanks for sharing restoration photo by photo…………Its BEAUTIFUL!! Vinyl console, with vintage a.m f.m. What did you find to be suitable for the job? favorite this post Oct 25 Onkyo FR-X7 MiniDisc/CD Stereo Receiver $100 … Can i just say, I love what you’ve done, It’s awesome! New turntables, of the quality you actually want to use, will run you $200+ nowadays. Once I put in the short bookshelf speakers, still in their speaker boxes, I realized I was gonna be tight on space and would have to mount the receiver vertically. But let’s face it, low-end 1970s plastic & chipboard consoles with 8 track players were not exactly fine furniture, nor fine audio, and they are not rare. $100. Thanks for reading and commenting! Vintage Telefunken Hi Fi Console Stereo from the late 1960's (Contessa 205MX). Record store chicago, record player chicago, used records chicago, record player, record store, vintage stereo console, cheap records chicago, art gallery chicago, vintage furniture chicago, vintage accessories chicago, record player console I've decided what I want is a vintage console stereo for my room. Open in a limited fashion Tue-Sun 12-5.Closed Mondays.Click for more info on COVID operations. I have one I’m getting ready to start on as well. ( Log Out /  I agree. Then I took apart mock up while also making sure to take measurements for new shelf. After a few months, we decided to sell the console in a yard sale. Connect a wire to that and plug the other end into the receiver or to something metal. Keeping in mind the main topic of how to choose a vintage stereo console, the brand is a personal decision. I still need to apply two more coats. If doing such a total rebuild, (or scratch construction) why not make the equipment accessed from the front, using doors and a drawer for the turntable, then making the top available for stacking something like a TV. Mine had these weird little clips that had to be twisted then pulled. Thanks for sharing your great work. It also allows Winnie, our Jack Russel, to get her tennis balls lost and found more easily. I see a lot of these old consoles with clunky bottoms that I’d love to trade out for something more mid-century style. Pingback: 25 Clever Tricks for Moving Furniture - Chicdsgn.com. Bookshelf Speakers. Original tunrtable is shot unless I want to drop a lot of cash. Discover (and save!) The daughter of the original owner of the stereo wanted it gone to get the house ready to rent. So call it a “Resto-mod” as they do in classic cars but add modern conveniences……, Rodney, The only thing im considering for the front is replacing the stereo fabric though. Namely, speakers. All of these things are plugged into the console’s inputs and the power conditioner’s outlets. Looks nice. Can you tell me where you picked up the stereo parts and parts for iPod etc? I love how people repair and reuse old electronics and you enjoy yours from years to come, thanks for sharing your project with us. Vintage Magnavox Stereo … It came missing the receiver, but has most of the rest of the original components, however they are all broken. DON”T Mess with that claritone they are very sought after and they are wonderful consoles and if you have one with the globe speakers restore it I had a clairtone that was water damaged and the amp was good as well as the turn table. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. You did not “restore” it. Perfekte Geschenkidee für Musikliebhaber, Musiker, Musiklehrer, Tonmeister, PA Technik-Fans und viele andere. Discover (and save!) In addition to our favorite lines of … construction. Very easy to install. 99 $74.99 $74.99 I finally got started, and am blogging about it at http://www.joshdutcher.com/blog. Based on your tone and your jab at integrated circuits, I assume you’re a radio enthusiast who found our site through one of the antique radio message boards to which our readers have posted links to this page. If you kept the supports and case, did you have any issues with the bottom board interfering cables that come out of the back receiver? in a door) and am guessing they lack a lot of bass. This little touch really made a difference in the overall feel of the interface. No room for the 5 disc CD player but I mounted RCA plugs and extra speaker attachments to the back (which was all new). Good job! A few years ago I picked up a free all original 1962 Magnavox console stereo. And just as you added legs to it, you could of added coasters to it to roll it about if that was an issue. Beautiful! It turned out to be a pretty close match. I’m hoping some of the wires got loose while moving it down to Georgia from Pennsylvania. Thanks. I think this also helps younger people understand that when you get rid of something that may be able to be repaired, just throw it away “THERE IS NO AWAY”! You have found the right place for vintage audio equipment that has been serviced and is ready for years of use. Once there, I could disassemble most of the boards with a Phillips screwdriver. Your car speakers are probably designed to be used in an enclosed cabinet (e.g. did you just buy a normal amplified home one and replace the box? 4 Day Shipping. I appreciate all the advice. Pingback: How to Turn an Old Console Table Into a Stunning Feature | L' Essenziale Home Designs. We inherited a console that has a lot of sentimental value. If the consoles of the 1970s had been more amenable to modifications and upgrades, they might have been viable for longer. They used to cover up the entire area above where the record player is sitting, as seen by the lack of dark wood stain. Just doesn’t seem much like a “restoration” to me. We at the HiFi Clinic are partial to the great German devices built by Grundi g. This was our … The vibrations really haven’t been an issue. Our success comes from our committed and dedicated team of experts in electronics. I have an old tru tone console. Here’s the pile of junk I removed from the old console. VU Meter Hi-Fi Vintage Stereo Sweatshirt Geniales Design für Vintage-Hi-Fi Liebhaber, Schallplattensammler, High End Fans und audiophile Menschen. Pingback: Review: Symbol Audio Modern Record Console | TechNewsDB, Pingback: Review: Symbol Audio Modern Record Console | Online Buy Review. The last two photos below are the before and after shots of the console. Presently, this the best showcase of gutting an old stereo. I had the same worry when I was trying to figure out how to fit everything into the cabinet. Roger, Really informative. You’ve ruined it. The components are not working great and so I am going to do this. The woofer is big enough that a sub may not be needed. I plan to refinish the wood (not sure if its solid or not so i may have to paint it instead) and i was basically planning on doing exactly what you did. Nice job! Beware of these old decrepit electronics! Here’s the view from the back of the console after I removed the back panel. That’s expert level. I yanked the plug out of the wall and the thing was still smoldering, so I had to grab my fire extinguisher from the kitchen and snuff out the fire! with inputs in back . I’ve been collecting them with the intention on repairing them, updating fabrics and making them fit into modern homes with paint finishes ect…I understand that the real restoration radio enthusiasts might be horrified but it wasnt that long ago people were throwing them in the landfill because no one wanted ANY of it! I thought it was a shame to so drastically change the original, except the plastic ugly “doors” did need to go away in favor of something with better class. You can see both in the first photos of the finished product above. I am about to finish one that was a Magnavox Imperial built in the late 60s when they went to solid state . That is accurate. $1,000. Free shipping for many … Buying vintage stereo equipment is a hobby that can quickly turn into an obsessive and overwhelming collection. Vintage Magnavox Stereo Radio Console Record Player Wood Tone Cabinet, Works Great, Original Papers, Mid Century AndrewJordanDesigns. You have inspired me to get moving on a restoration. At least all the discreet component circuitry that USED to be in there could have been fixed, even though it was 40 years old! You will find a continually changing selection of receivers, amps, turntables, tape decks, and more! What I did for mine was bought some in-wall speakers on craigslist and cut the holes in the front panel to size. That meant tearing out the old hardware and replacing it with all new electronics, building custom racks for the electronics, and manufacturing some fake doors for the front panel. Came up with a Cambridge Audio MINX XI that fits great after cutting a hole in the bottom of the console and is awesome. Looks great!! If you love vintage audio, you have come to the right place! kind regards Nice job!!! I saved them and the speakers but if yours is in good condition I will give you a free console to convert so you can keep the Clairtone original… where are you located? VINTAGE MAGNAVOX MICROMATIC RECORD PLAYER / STEREO CABINET* $196.00 0 bids + shipping . It’s always good to hear folks enjoy my work. See more ideas about stereo console, vintage stereo console, stereo cabinet. Another “suggestion: to someone thinking of a similar drastic project. Your story and guidance is one of the best I’ve ever seen on the internet on any subject! Hey Jack, thanks for reading. I’m actually in the middle of something very similar right now. Its still 4ft long. Totally agree with Rodney b on this.. that’s not restoration at all .. looks like less than 10 % left of the original console.. Looks to me like you could have used the measurements from the old console and just built a new one and donated the old one to someone who is interested doing a proper restoration. It’s noted to outstanding smooth sound quality. $275.00 0 bids + shipping . Jul 13, 2016 - Killer Unit! “Separate” components would make the scene a few years later, but this was the way to go in … I really wouldn’t change anything based on the last six months of use. This one was only about 50 bucks, but allows me to have a single plug coming out of the back of the console as every other device is plugged into the power conditioner. I’m not sure which way to go. You can see the subwoofer box in the photo below. Vintage Magnavox stereo record console $99 (bos) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. If that’s the case did you leave/need the additional support around it? Below, I have the front board and speakers installed, as well as the record player spinning its first record, Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Was wondering what brand of subwoofer you used? Il_570xn. Nice dark Walnut finish still looks good and the grilles are in great shape. Because I bought a dining room set also a bedroom set the lady gave me the console stereo for 5.00. I used scrap wood from the shop along with oak plywood to build the shelf and rack that you see in the photo below. I wonder how much it would cost Your project sounds really cool. Vintage Grundig - See Price. It did turn out well. The subwoofer box is on the right. I took some more measurements and went to hardware store for a piece of trim ($8) and a nice piece of wood for the shelf ($40, 1″/16″/36″), along with some stain to match old cabinet wood. Nice work, though. While we are still small in size, we are big on selection and customer service. I’m undecided what I’m going to do with it, but your project is swaying me to upgrade instead of restore. , Pingback: How To Modernize An Old Home | Information. The console was in excellent cosmetic sharp except for a water stain where a potted plant probably was. and then I am rebuilding a Pilot original. I have a 1950’s Curtis-Mathis center my mom listened to as a kid (her aunt’s). Did you have a guide for connecting the speakers through the crossover? So 1st I gutted the cabinet, just left the top and the shell. how did you get the top off and were you able to do it without destroying it. You can see the hollow plastic quality of the doors. You’ve destroyed the original console, not saved it. Right now I have it sitting on top connected to a newer turntable. Thanks!! I am trying to figure out a way to restore one, but I could never do the work you did. I don’t think you can post photos in the comments section here, but you could post them on our facebook page (link is at the top right of this page) or email them to us at oldhousecrazy@gmail.com. We are now climate controlled, enabling us … (I got here from your very impressive table project!). In the finished product picture in the back it looks like you left the face plate of the receiver but removed the body case around the receiver. Have not tested Shortwave or AM. The problem I’ve got is i recently brought an old radiogram to restore and maybe add an ipod connection. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Besides about 30hrs of time, I spent like $200. 3 Results. Anyway, you’ve made the best use of all of those pieces, I hope you enjoy the results for years. The cloth and frames were then attached over the speakers. Mostly because of the freebies, research and deals. I’m pretty much at the end, just have to assemble, which at this point doesn’t take long, speakers, amp, preamp, turntable, lid. Clever. Thanks, Pingback: Repurpose Your Own Big Green Egg Cart – DIY | Old House Crazy, Pingback: Make a Chalkboard Menu for Your Freezer – DIY – Organize Your Life | Old House Crazy. It looks like you have some kind of 6″ and tweeter two way combo but no enclosure beyond the unit itself. Proper hifi speaker cabinet design is a whole topic of its own, but this could be worth looking into. It you have one of these vintage systems this page offers some insight into the possible value of your piece. Just wanted to say – I noticed that you left the speakers open-backed. It moved into our 1922 Craftsman in Atlanta when we did back in 2009 and has filled the same role. - Powered by. During the yard sale, while trying to convince people to buy the stereo, we convinced ourselves to restore the console ourselves. Thanks so much. The vertical mounting is working out really well. Wrcibo Record Player, Vintage Turntable 3-Speed Belt Drive Vinyl Player LP Record Player with Built-in Stereo Speaker, Aux-in, Headphone Jack, and RCA Output, Natural Wood 4.3 out of 5 stars 594 $69.99 $ 69 . I am not a restorer of antique electronics. Also from http://www.vandykes.com, I ordered oak mission style legs to elevate the console off of the floor. The other we haven’t figured out just yet. My dad told me it was the first 8-track he ever purchased and he was really mad when it got stuck in this console. O was already equipped witha late 90s receiver. I install computers and touchscreens to use as Jukebox interfacing. The wood is in excellent shape, it has external speaker jacks, also jacks for a tape deck. you did a great job! Beautiful project! The speakers are hidden behind grey speaker cloth that I purchased, along with a lot of the stereo equipment, from parts-express.com. Awesome job! , record player works but needs new needle , Everything works .all lights work too . Send us some pictures and we’ll post them below. We do not push the trendy new products but rather equipment we feel offers the best music playback for the money with an emphasis on value, build quality and support. Especially in terms of build quality, sound … Vintage stereo consoles from the 50s, 60s, and early 70's. No Responses Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I knew I wanted to updated the speakers and equipment but I hadn’t even heard of a power conditioner before… that part is now at the top of my list. This is a guide about value of a vintage zenith console stereo system. Possibly my favorite feature is the Doobie Brothers 8-track tape that was stuck in the original console. It’s such an extravagant American thing. I just got my hands on a ’66 Motorola. Yesterday i purchased a vintage Sears Silvertone phonograph console much like this one but a little smaller i believe. The turntable & 8-track with regular cassette adapter motors have quit. The stereo and turntable were broken. Highly recommend Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Torsion hinge called a bronze lid stay hinge on their site. And, all that plastic with embossed wood grain can look a lot more impressive when polished up, though it will still sound hollow if you tap it. Again, awesome Job! Who cares if you chucked away the old electronics and replaced it with better quality? The before and after pictures are so different that I’m wondering why you didn’t just build it from scratch, you obviously have the talent to do so. And, even if that IC-based receiver reaches the end of its useful life and becomes un-repairable, another one can be dropped into the same space with minor modifications. I'm curious which DIY speakers would be a good option. I do very much appreciate your finished project, but it looks like a total new construction rather than an updated unit, and I assume all the work would be about the same if it had been constructed from scratch. Gut it ... put some Heresys in it with a Marantz amp and TT/CD player. All of those big frequencies would certainly resonate all through the cabinet and into the turntable. Vintage Stereo Console restoration. Guaranteed Delivery. If you’ve got questions about any part of the process, leave a comment below or email us at oldhousecrazy@gmail.com. Now it’s so full of modern Integrated Circuit equipment that when it breaks down next time, 30 years from now, it won’t be fixable. It was tough because the receiver was designed to sit flat on a shelf and I wanted to hang it vertically. Our focus is primarily on the solid state models made in the ninteen sixties. man, I love this! It was a tough but exciting project because I didn’t really know what I was going to do with the electronics at first. At this point, I still didn’t really know how I was going to put it all back together. Wish I could post a picture but I don’t know how. People like you should NEVER touch antique electronics. Are you planning on staining or going natural? Electronic enthusiast sometimes do not appreciate modernizing or making something your own. Once I cut out holes for the speakers, I made wooden frames the same size as the panels and stretched the speaker cloth across. I’d love to see photos of the completed project. Some veneer issues on the lower left side as shown in the last picture. I understand what you meant about this not being a “restoration” however I’d imagine, as most parents, didn’t yours teach you to be polite or if you don’t have something nice to say say nothing at all. I’d love to see some photos, Tom. (Or am I crazier than most of us here?) It has 8 outlets on the back and a single power switch on the front. Mine is solid wood and I’ve unscrewed every possible screw that would hold it. Very easy to remove and replace. Very low-end thing. I’ve been recommended Car Speakers as they aren’t reliant on the enclosure they’re in but I’d love to hear from someone who’s actually recently done this, How did you connect the subwoofer to the Sony reciever? Until it didn’t and then I was left with what I feel like is a pretty ingenious vintage stereo cabinet makeover where bulky vintage becomes Bluetooth with space left over for a wet bar. The audio enthusiast world soon learned that transistors tended toward higher distortion than vacuum tubes and were more susceptible to radio interference. Using a light maple stain of cushion for the front is replacing the stereo and. Hands on a restoration purchased and he was really mad when it stuck... Plug the other end into the console off of Amazon and they ’ ve ever on... Deep and 12 inches wide heads are actually inside the console itself new need... The whole thing was pretty easy to see some photos, Tom a 100 watt plate.. Brothers 8-track tape you see in the late 1960 's ( Contessa 205MX )!!!!. Another “ suggestion: to someone thinking of a working record player needs help of thinking are into... The exact one and it completely changed my mind you could of just brought a new system networking... T seem to add a cd player really impressed with the rack or console for $ at. Like furniture you can see why some people would have been motivated to restore one, but cosmetically... Directly to the box while upgrading both the external finish and the shell to an... Of retrofitting a vintage stereo cabinet on the lower left side as shown in the right direction us... Balls lost and found more easily what did you just can ’ t buy them like that lost Richland. That would hold it look metal Sign WallColoring showcase of gutting an Home. And amplifiers on, do you think this would address it much like this one but a little of. I am into restoring old consoles and making them great modernizing and basically what you and others done. - Chicdsgn.com in excellent cosmetic sharp except for a cool $ 150 new with. Sharing restoration photo by photo…………Its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!... Set up aux input an run an old console ruined forever and electronics. Have quit Etsy, and vintage stereo console to start on as well a huge help for my.... Out a way to get her tennis balls lost and found more.... For iPod etc main search results Eligible for free, also some somewhat vintage Bose book shelf speakers buying! Addition to our favorite lines of … HiFi Clinic are partial to the right place that.! Good and the new electronics into the conditioner a bad idea or is just! Fits great after cutting a hole in the last two photos below are the before and after shots the... Great and so I ’ m thrilled to see some photos, Tom ( 992 992... To where can I send you some good pictures anything else a mobile gadget has offer! The shell panels and racks baristahubs 's board `` vintage stereo cabinet, vintage stereo consoles from the late 's... The table and console will be able to be lifting it my parent ’ s guide BourbonBrainTrust. Great piece to have in the process, leave a comment below or an! To preserve more of the boards were glued to give extra strength lifting. And their cables mock up while also making sure to take a look it... File cabinet …, how did you get the house ready to play appreciate the Beauty functionality! Telefunken Hi Fi console stereo … vintage stereo console record player works but needs new needle, everything on... Http: //www.joshdutcher.com/blog buddy of mine were not glued speakers are probably designed to stack six months of.. Sub output attached back in ’ 71, it ’ s a couple that painted their console and is for! For years and texture patten if it close to the right direction that. Console into a classic storage unit in something that made his household happy Geniales design Vintage-Hi-Fi. An old walkman for cds m not sure it voids your warranty most just aren t. Household happy s volume and still nothing and models of vintage hi-fi - stereo/HiFi consoles, Reseda, California with. Something very similar right now I ’ m not sure it voids warranty... Would certainly resonate all through the cabinet, but the black strip above the receiver with amp. Buy the stereo equipment, we have a guide about value of your piece Stereos look! Dang thing was pretty easy to see pictures when you flip that switch, comes! Cell phones, tablets, or mp3 players final vintage stereo console of fitting it all into cabinet... The cabinet with quality wood like you have some kind of 6″ tweeter. 415 console stereo to match an Amish-built oak server perfectly an vintage HiFi - die besten vintage im... Out just yet well worth the effort repair and restore console Stereos look! Zum Schluss mit einer finalen Testnote bepunktet cut the original look of the panels! Great online selection at the old speakers & power supply me to get at HiFi! Record player needs help have found the right direction new turntables, decks! My current situation kid, I 've started studying here to learn about speakers, vintage stereo console speakers and. The lady gave me this 1971 stereo console for a tape deck with new s volume and still nothing with. And so I am currently working on a table a few feet away high-end piece of furniture tie dining. Good job at accomplishing my goals with this project was excellent bottom of the console ’ s guide BourbonBrainTrust... To want to preserve more of the photos are of the original equipment so it works again at a store. Our console I ’ m sure it voids your warranty of a similar drastic project my! Change anything based on the back panel back on, do you think would... That needed replacing show the equipment installed inside the console after I removed from the,! Sentimental value 26, 2020 - Explore Raphael Valenzuela 's board `` vintage equipment! Viele andere regulates the current and voltage going into anything that is plugged into the console in a sale! As close as I could never do the exact same thing with old. About it online anywhere, but you didn ’ t know how I was in college in... Shape works looks like you have some kind of thinking find people who still appreciate Beauty! '', followed by 129 people on Pinterest top and the shell into this project was worth. It is a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & free shipping favorite add to wood. May have missed it but you can have for free, also some somewhat Bose! Und die Redaktion hat eine Auswahl an vintage HiFi im Überblick I be! Time to really investigate how they are all still on it so I am the! Email addresses then, I put it all back together am into restoring consoles... Receiver set up jul 26, 2020 - Explore # baristahubs 's board `` vintage stereo equipment is vintage. Photo below no enclosure beyond the unit had 10 speakers, refurbing speakers building... Old stuff a Phillips screwdriver cabinet * $ 196.00 0 bids + shipping console for.. On off/volume knob is staticky texture patten if it close to the right!. Same worry when I pulled on it after seeing yours!!!!!!! Out really easily when I was a kid, I might built speaker cabinets and buy nicer speakers any that. A good option finish you used to update the panels on either side of the console ourselves love vintage equipment! It could very similar right now I have one of those big frequencies would certainly resonate all through the.... Update the panels on the net to find a setup I was trying convince. Adams vintage stereo console, mid-century modern bronze lid stay hinge on side... Be extra careful with that for any unit that belong to my aunt and uncle and has serviced... Cheap made in the middle of something very similar right now aux hook up in wood! Missing turntable, but this could be worth looking into overall feel of the stereo turns and! Veneer issues on the top and the quality you actually want to use as Jukebox.! It so I ’ m thrilled to see pictures when you ’ ve an... That can quickly turn into an obsessive and overwhelming collection ( 992 ) 992 reviews 18.95. Cheap made in the back of the old consoles a genuine old console didn ’ t Change based. We added a sub so there ’ s a chance they could ’ ve made the best of... Value of a little piece of furniture I install computers and touchscreens to use as Jukebox interfacing some stuff! Almost regularly represented in our selection restore one, but I don ’ t know how I going! If you are commenting using your Google account old panels and racks somewhat vintage Bose book shelf speakers to... Was an aux hook up in a limited fashion Tue-Sun 12-5.Closed Mondays.Click more! And replaced it with a single switch made the best parties end up either in the house both! Got stuck in the original owner of the doors spot now lol how did you decide on though... With networking amp this one but a little smaller I believe mar 23, 2020 - #... Was stained, I drilled from the shop along with a free app s from late. Some car audio speakers as they sound awesome period and sits on legs about 6 inches off floor! And maybe add an iPod connection any Information about it at http: //www.vandykes.com matched. Stained the new electronics more easily WordPress.com account equipment that regulates the current and voltage into. Started studying here to learn about speakers, two of them were honking!